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Plastic surgery is one of the most common ways people use to resolve aesthetic problems and personal dissatisfaction with their body. Therefore, nothing fairer than knowing and being well prepared for the procedure.

Decision made, it’s time to face your first plastic surgery, keeping in mind that the preparation path can take days or months, until you are ready and safe.

Taking into account that this is a significant choice for your health and self-esteem, do not ignore any step in your preparation so that the result is the best possible.

Want to find out how to prepare and get excellent results? See below!

How do I prepare before my first surgery?

Being aware of what precautions should be taken in the days before plastic surgery is essential for the patient to be confident in their decision.

When the patient follows all medical prescriptions, it is easier to obtain a satisfactory result, in addition to avoiding possible future complications. Do not neglect your doctor’s instructions and respect them until the day of admission.

Check out some precautions that must be applied to ensure that everything goes well before and during the procedure.

1. Choose a surgeon you trust

The first thing is to look for a trained professional who has a license to carry out the procedure. At these times, it is worth seeking references from friends, relatives and close family members, especially if the person has already undergone a procedure with the professional in question.

Don’t be fooled if the doctor charges you a price well below the market price and pay close attention to which hospital the procedure will be carried out in, check if it is well equipped and has the necessary support to meet surgical demands.

2. Follow all prescriptions recommended by your doctor

I consider it very valid for my patients to read and seek to know about the surgical procedure they will undergo, but even though the internet is a good ally in these moments, it is still essential to follow the instructions given by the doctor, as he did his job. assessment, analyzed the results of your exams and fully understands what will be best for your body.

Therefore, the surgeon is the best professional to guide you and plan the surgery. Take his recommendations seriously.

3. Organize your post-operative period

Plan the first days of surgery to rest and rest, if necessary, delegate activities to others, here the priority is you. Schedule surgery calmly and so that you don’t miss important events.

4. How to prepare yourself psychologically?

It is normal for patients to feel a little nervous or anxious before having their first plastic surgery.

For this reason, try to remain calm and confident, this will help you go through the procedure in a healthy way.

If you are afraid, talk to your doctor first and ask all your questions, he is the ideal person to help you resolve any internal conflicts that may arise at that moment.

Look for people who have already carried out the same procedure as yours and listen to their stories, this can make all the difference and help you become more confident.

5. Eat well

Some foods can significantly contribute to a good recovery, choose a balanced and balanced diet.

6. Avoid self-medication

Always look for a qualified professional to prescribe medication. Completely eliminate this habit from your post-surgery life.

7. Get a Check-up

This topic is practically a must. It is very important to carry out a battery of blood, cardiological and imaging tests so that the doctor can draw up a general overview of your health status and, in this way, prevent possible risks.

8. Quit smoking

Another precaution that I could not fail to mention is this. Stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery. Smoking can hinder circulation and harm blood oxygenation. If the patient insists on the practice, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism or even necrosis may occur.


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