HD lipoabdominoplasty: what you need to know

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HD lipoabdominoplasty is   the combination of HD liposuction with traditional abdominoplasty. This is one of those surgeries desired by people who dream of a toned, well-defined abdomen.

This procedure consists of removing excess fat, modeling contours and highlighting muscles, in addition to correcting muscle and skin sagging.

Who is HD Lipoabdominoplasty recommended for?

Recommended for people within ideal weight who:

  • have abdominal flaccidity;
  • fat located in the abdominal region and mainly on the flanks;
  • excess skin;
  • increase in abdominal volume.

It is essential that the patient understands that this procedure is not intended to lose weight.

How is HD lipoabdominoplasty surgery performed?

Initially, excess fat is removed through  HD liposuction.  Next, the abdominal lines are sculpted, this makes the muscles stand out, the waist and flanks are well defined and shaped.

What is the postoperative period and recovery like after HD lipoabdominoplasty?

In general, this procedure does not cause much discomfort in patients. However, the recovery period is not the same for everyone.

I always recommend to my patients that they follow all prescriptions for:

  • analgesics to relieve pain and discomfort;
  • do not exert effort for 30 days;
  • use the belt for 30 days to relieve pain and swelling;
  • sleep on your back;
  • perform lymphatic drainage;
  • maintain a balanced diet.

Lipoabdominoplasty results

The results are visible immediately after the surgery, despite the swelling and some possible bruising, they disappear over time. After six months the result is definitive.

Remember to align all your expectations and ask your questions to the surgeon during the consultation.


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