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High Definition Lipo an advanced liposuction technique that seeks to sculpt and define the muscular contours of the body, providing a more athletic and toned appearance.

Liposuction is an aesthetic surgical procedure that aims to remove excess fat located in certain areas of the body.

Liposculpture is an advanced aesthetic surgical procedure that combines the removal of fat from specific areas of the body with the reintroduction of that fat elsewhere to improve body contour and proportion.

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is plastic surgery that removes sagging and excess skin from the abdominal region, generally after significant weight loss, such as in bariatric patients . In these cases, surgery is a reparative procedure.

Lipoabdominoplasty is a sophisticated procedure that combines liposuction with tummy tuck to reshape and tone the abdominal region.

Breast enhancement is an aesthetic surgical procedure that aims to increase the size and improve the shape of female breasts.

Breast reduction aims to reduce the size and reshape the breasts, providing physical and emotional relief for women.

Breast lift with implants combines breast lifting with the insertion of breast implants to achieve enlargement results. It is an effective solution for anyone who wants to enlarge, lift and reshape their breasts.

Breast lift is a surgical procedure that aims to lift and reshape the breasts, effectively positioning and shaping them without the use of implants.

Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is an aesthetic surgical procedure that aims to rejuvenate the appearance of the face, correcting visible signs of aging.

Eyelid Surgery is an aesthetic surgical procedure performed in the eye area to improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids.

Labiaplasty, or genital surgery, is a set of aesthetic or functional surgical procedures performed in the genital region to improve a person’s appearance, function or self-esteem.

Mommy Makeover  is a set of personalized aesthetic procedures to restore and improve the appearance of the body after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Pre-op care

Before undergoing any surgery, including High Definition Liposuction (Lad Lipo), it is crucial to follow all medical instructions to ensure the safety and success of the procedure. Here are some important measures to follow:

Post-operative care for cosmetic surgeries

Safe and Effective Recovery: Follow these guidelines to ensure the best results after your cosmetic surgery.

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