Dr. José Cury

The purpose of plastic surgery is to reconstruct parts of the body, whether for medical or aesthetic reasons, and it is divided into restorative and aesthetic procedures.
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Dr. José Cury's rise to become one of the leading names in Brazil's new generation of plastic surgeons stands out for his expertise and innovation in the field.

My goal has always gone beyond achieving exceptional aesthetic results; I’ve sought to develop a technique that also significantly improves my patients’ quality of life.

Dr. José Cury


– Degree in Medicine from Centro Universitário Barão de Mauá
– Specialization in General Surgery from the Brazilian College of Surgeons from Hospital INSTITUTO ESPÍRITA NOSSO LAR in São José do Rio Preto
– Specialization in Plastic Surgery from Hospital da Plástica do Rio de Janeiro – UNIG (University of Nova Iguaçu)
– Title of Specialist by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery SBCP and Brazilian Medical Association AMB
– Specialization in High Definition Liposuction “Body Sculpting Course”


Brazilian Aesthetic Surgery of the new generation

Dr. José Cury is a renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon, specialized in High Definition Liposuction (LipoLaD) and Abdominoplasty, known for his technical excellence and professional ethics. His reputation is solidly backed by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and Professor Ivo Pitanguy’s Alumni Association, reflecting his commitment to excellence and patient safety.

Dr. Cury is recognized for offering personalized care, focused on understanding the individual needs of each patient and providing aesthetically satisfying and natural results. His clinical practice is not just limited to Brazil; he is also active in educating new plastic surgeons, participating in events and sharing his knowledge both nationally and internationally.

His innovative and high-quality work has attracted the attention of the media, including “New York Weekly” magazine, highlighting his advanced techniques and his positive impact on aesthetic tourism in Brazil. The combination of technical skill, meticulousness and dedication to patients’ interests has established Dr. José Cury as a highly respected figure both in the medical community and among those seeking quality aesthetic procedures.

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