What is the difference between Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy

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Breast augmentation and Mastopexy: when are they recommended?

To understand the differences between breast augmentation and mastopexy, learn how they work

It is not uncommon to find people who confuse the difference between  mammoplasty and mastopexy,  but the truth is that there are differences between the techniques, objectives and proposals of each one.

The breast is a prominent part of the female body, associated with femininity and is also a symbol of sensuality, in addition to influencing self-esteem and well-being. This is also why a large number of women undergo plastic surgery.

As there is a large number of plastic surgery options for the breast region, confusion about which procedure to choose and which is most suitable for each patient is normal.

Within this context, it is essential to understand the difference between  breast augmentation and mastopexy,  both for the result and for the indications in each case.

Breast augmentation

Mammoplasty  is a plastic surgery that modifies and transforms the shape of the breasts with the aim of making them harmonious and symmetrical in relation to the body.

When we talk about  breast augmentation , we are referring to a surgical technique with the aim of increasing the size of the breasts. In this procedure, a silicone prosthesis is used to add breast volume and ensure the firmness of the breasts.

The technique is indicated for patients with small breasts or when, due to pregnancy or weight loss, the volume decreases.


On the other hand,  mastopexy  is a procedure that corrects sagging without removing or repairing volume, repositioning the areola and breast tissue, in other words, it is a breast lift.

There are several reasons that can result in sagging breasts such as aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations and heredity and, therefore, mastopexy is indicated in these cases.

In general, the surgeon will remove excess skin from the region and remodel the appearance, allowing the breast to be originally elevated and well positioned.

It is important to evaluate the patient’s objectives, the degree of sagging and the procedure to be applied. This will reduce the risk of complications such as nipple loss, skin breakdown and reduced sensitivity.

For those who are still wondering what the difference is between  breast augmentation and mastopexy , the word is volume. Both breast augmentation and mastopexy are indicated to restore the shape of the breasts, maintain body balance and provide high self-esteem and self-confidence.

Post-operative breast surgery

The post-operative period for both surgeries is quite similar. Among the most common recommendations are:

  • remove the stitches within 7 to 15 days, according to medical advice;
  • wear a bra for support for a month, this will help with healing;
  • remain with the dressing, following medical prescription;
  • do not practice physical exercise for at least 30 days;
  • do not drive for 30 days post-surgery;
  • avoid sun exposure.


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