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The post-operative period of a gluteoplasty involves a series of specific care. This guide will highlight the essential points for a successful recovery

The search for more defined and voluminous buttocks has led many people to choose gluteoplasty. 

However, just as important as the surgery itself is the postoperative phase. Just like any surgical procedure, gluteoplasty requires a series of care to ensure the effectiveness of the result and prevent complications.

Avoiding direct pressure on the glutes

In the first few days after gluteoplasty , one of the main recommendations is to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks.

This is crucial to ensure that the implants, or transferred fat, sit properly and do not shift. Furthermore, pressure can interfere with blood circulation in the area, which is essential for healing.

To make this period more comfortable, patients can use special pillows that shift the weight of the buttocks, or simply lie face down whenever possible.

Wearing the compression garment

compression garment , often recommended after gluteoplasty , helps reduce swelling and keep the operated area more stable. The belt must be used continuously for the first few weeks, only being removed for bathing and personal hygiene.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this accessory. It not only assists in the proper formation of the glutes, but also minimizes the risk of seromas or fluid accumulation.

Incision hygiene and care

Keeping the incision area clean is essential to prevent infections. You will need to gently clean the area with neutral soap and keep the area dry. Additionally, your surgeon may prescribe antibiotic ointments or recommend specific products for local application.

Avoid very hot baths, swimming pools or saunas in the first few weeks after gluteoplasty to prevent any complications.

Gradual resumption of activities

Despite the temptation to quickly show off your new contours, it is essential to be patient and resume physical activities gradually. 

Light walking can be started as per medical advice, but intense exercises, especially those involving the glutes, should be avoided for the period recommended by the surgeon.

This care ensures that the tissues heal properly and that the results are maintained in the long term.

Gluteoplasty is a transformative procedure that can bring a lot of aesthetic satisfaction and self-esteem. However, the success of the procedure largely depends on post-operative care. 

Following medical instructions strictly, being patient and maintaining good communication with your surgeon are fundamental ingredients to guarantee a smooth recovery and stunning results.

Be kind to yourself during the recovery phase. With time and proper care, you will be ready to show off your new curves with confidence and pride!


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