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The long-term results of surgery range from practicing physical exercise to taking care of your emotional health.

It is a mistake to believe that the result of a surgery will depend only on the post-operative period, and that it is not necessary to adopt healthy habits, once the ‘problem’ has been solved.

Maintaining a healthy life involves both the physical aspect of the body and the emotional aspect. Therefore, good habits will ensure that the results of your liposuction are maintained.

Practicing good habits after liposuction will help you with a quick recovery and enhance the results of the surgery. In addition to keeping your self-esteem always high, resulting in a beautiful body on the outside and healthy on the inside.

Liposuction post-surgery requires maintaining healthy habits to ensure that aesthetic and emotional results are achieved

Therefore,  I identified 5 precautions  after liposuction that will help you maintain the results of the procedure. Check out!

Practice Physical Exercises

Liposuction   transforms the curves of your body and leaves you with a more pleasant appearance, however, the objective of the procedure is to remove localized fat from the thighs, buttocks, buttocks, abdomen and other areas .

However, if after surgery the patient does not adopt the habit of exercising regularly, the fat can return quickly.

So, don’t hesitate to practice sports activities such as walking, cycling, weight training, swimming or even activities such as yoga and pilates.

Maintain a balanced and healthy diet

A balanced diet is one made up of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in a balanced way and without excesses.

You don’t need to adopt a crazy diet that you found on the internet or rely on miracle teas to maintain your weight. A healthy diet will help you with this difficulty, if you have it.

Some important points are:

  1. avoid sugar consumption;
  2. consume natural and functional foods in your diet;
  3. drink a lot of water;
  4. consume fruits, nuts and vegetables;
  5. reduce your consumption of sweets, pasta and fats.

Eliminate bad habits

Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are enemies of those seeking both a healthy life and a good result from liposuction.

Smoking, for example, must be stopped before the patient undergoes plastic surgery and post-operatively, in addition to increasing infections, problems with healing or opening of stitches.

Both alcoholic beverages and cigarettes contribute to the aging of the body’s cells and also alter collagen production.

Control stress levels

Frequently experienced stressful situations contribute to increased anxiety and can harm your health.

Sometimes, they end up taking refuge in high-calorie foods to alleviate anxiety and this results in weight gain.

A good night’s sleep and frequent physical activity help control stress and anxiety levels, which will bring positive results in maintaining health results. liposuction.

Emotional well-being

Being well emotionally avoids psychological disorders that affect self-esteem and physical perception.

It is naturally acceptable to want to modify your body just for aesthetic reasons, as remaining with an inconvenience is painful, an appearance that is not pleasing can have psychological implications and not just physical ones.

Personal satisfaction and emotional well-being can be achieved through simple practices such as self-care, taking care of your skin and hair, having leisure time and practicing hobbies and as a consequence, this will result in benefits from liposuction.

Therefore, to maintain healthy habits and obtain a positive result with liposuction, it is essential to choose a plastic surgeon you trust.


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