How can using CMSlim help with posture and back pain?

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CMSlim helps increase and define muscle tone

CMSlim is a magnetic field technology that allows the patient to have involuntary muscle contractions in supramaximal ways.

The muscles that are contracted generate a result of hypertrophy and fat loss.

But the benefits are not just aesthetic, it can be directed to physiotherapeutic treatment, as CMSlim improves posture and back pain, tones the muscles of the arms and thighs and even helps in the treatment of postpartum abdominal diastasis.

When it comes to poor posture, it can result from specific activities such as, for example, sitting or lying wrong for years, wrong position when using the computer, congenital problems, dentists who lean over the patient, and even muscle weakness.

To be able to maintain an erect posture of the spine, it is essential that the muscles of the back and abdomen contribute to the bone structure to support the weight.

The more sedentary a person is and experiences back pain, the longer the treatment will take for it to achieve the benefits, although in the first sessions the patient will be able to see the results, and consequently, the strengthening of the muscles.

How does CMSlim work?

CMSlim for posture helps strengthen muscles. It is very possible that thin people find it difficult to maintain a posture, as they suffer from muscle fatigue more easily than others.

In this way, CMSlim works through HI-EMT (High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer) technology. It has a focused electromagnetic field that passes through all layers of skin and fat and stimulates the muscle directly through continuous and intense contractions.

Supramaximal contractions are independent of brain function. HI-EMT does not allow the muscle to relax, causing stress, which when recovered, results in muscle hypertrophy, that is, muscle strengthening.

Each session lasts an average of 30 minutes, including different steps such as stretching, warming up, a series of exercises and relaxation, remembering that the entire procedure is carried out according to the patient’s objectives.

What are the results of treatment with CMSlim?

CMSlim for posture will provide muscle strengthening, relief from back pain and improved posture.

The treatment applied to the region can also be associated with physiotherapeutic treatment or Global Postural Reeducation (RPG) sessions. Pilates, weight training and other activities are recommended for body posture.

It is important that a good diet is prioritized, preferably more natural and less caloric.

Therefore, treatment for body posture and back pain can be achieved in several ways, including CMSlim.


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