Expected results and maintenance after body contouring procedures

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Find out what you can expect after a body contouring procedure and how to maintain stunning results for longer

Opting for body contouring procedures is a transformative decision. Whether to eliminate stubborn fat, sculpt the abdomen or lift sagging areas, these interventions promise to significantly improve the body’s profile. 

However, understanding what to expect after surgery and how to maintain results is crucial to long-term satisfaction.

What to expect right after body contouring procedures?

The first few weeks after a body contouring procedure are marked by visible changes and sensations in the body:

Swelling and discomfort

It is normal to feel some discomfort and observe swelling in the treated areas. These are common signs of recovery and tend to decrease progressively.

Physical limitations

The first few days require rest and avoiding strenuous activities. As the body recovers, it is possible to gradually resume daily activities, always with the doctor’s guidance.

Visible results, but evolving

Even though changes are noticeable immediately after the procedure, the final result of the body contouring procedure may take months to fully consolidate as swelling decreases and tissues settle.

Maintaining the results of body contouring surgeries

The results of a body contouring procedure are long-lasting, but not permanent if precautions are not taken. The key is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Balanced diet

Maintaining a diet rich in nutrients and low in fats and sugars is essential. Significant weight gain may compromise the benefits obtained from the procedure.

Regular exercise

Physical activity not only helps you maintain weight, but it also tones your muscles and improves the overall appearance of your skin after a body contouring procedure .

Skin care

Moisturizing and protecting your skin from the sun are simple steps that can prolong the rejuvenated and toned appearance of your body contour.

Follow-up consultations

Regular check-ups with your plastic surgeon are recommended. These consultations allow you to monitor the evolution of results and receive specific guidance for each stage of recovery and maintenance.

body contouring procedure can be a game changer in the search for a more harmonious and defined body. However, to ensure that the results last, commitment and ongoing care are required. Healthy eating, regular exercise and paying attention to your skin are fundamental pillars on this journey. 

And always remember: open dialogue with your surgeon is essential to clarify doubts and ensure that you are on the right path to enjoying results for many years.


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